EBF Open Symposium
EBF Barcelona

16th EBF Open Symposium

One year into ICH M10 - Keeping our finger on the pulse
14 November 2023 (Workshop independent from 16th OS)
Science Winning the Race
15-17 November 2023

In Unity Lies Power; Building a Better Bioanalytical World Together

YSS Final Program

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08:30 08:35 Welcome and Introduction
08:35 10:15 session 1:  Overcoming Bioanalytical Mysteries
08:35 08:55 Farjana Mahammed (GlaxoSmithKline)
Analytical Method Transfer –  Are our methods Smooth Sailing or Slowly Sinking?
08:55 09:15 Patrick Heath (Covance)
Overcoming soluble target interference in an Immunogenicty screening assay incorporating an immunodepletion step using streptavidin magnetic beads.
09:15 09:35 Stacey Casswell (Envigo)
Challenges and considerations in the use of a immunoassay method for the detection of TSH, T3 and T4 for use in reproduction/developmental toxcology studies.
09:35 09:55 Jana Zemenová (University of Prague)
Lipopeptides – challenges in bioanalysis of novel pharmaceutical targets via LC-MS and immunomethods
09:55 10:15 Jason Pembroke (LGC)
Bioanalytical Challenges of Chelating Compound
10:15 10:45 Coffee break
10:45 12:15 Project YSS: Together we succeed: feedback from YSS collaboration 
10:45 11:30 Feedback from the pre-competitive collaborative work between  
AstraZeneca, Charles River, Covance, GlaxoSmithKline, Ghent University, Janssen R&D LGC and Q2-solutions on Liquid Microsampling
Moderators: Aline Swinnen and Sheelan Ahmad (for EBF-YSS)
11:30 12:15 Feedback from the pre-competitive collaborative work between  
AstraZeneca, Charles River,  LGC MedImmune and Novimmune SA on multiplex biomarker assay performance
Moderators: Jonathan Paraskos and Sufyan Maqbool (for EBF-YSS)
12:15 13:15 Lunch break
13:15 14:55 Session 2: Transforming Bioanalysis Through Innovation
13:15 13:35 Mikko Hölttä (AstraZeneca)
Bioanalytical strategies for quantification of intact RNA and its metabolites
13:35 13:55 Sofie Velghe (University of Ghent)
Fully automated direct extraction and analysis of dried blood spots for the determination of five anti-epileptic drugs and one active metabolite
13:55 14:15 Yannick Van Wanseele (Free University of Brussels)
The application of superchargers to increase nanoUHPLC-MS/MS method sensitivity for quantification of the neuropeptide neuromedin U
14:15 14:35 Emily Bell (Charles River)
Immunocapture as a Viable Sample Preparation Technology in the Transition between Pre-Clinical and Clinical Bioanalysis
14:35 14:55 Kees Pelster (PRA Health Sciences)
Validation of capillary microsampling assays: a practical point of view
14:55 15:15 Tea break
15:15 17:00 Session 3: Ask The Experts
15:15 15:35 Morgan Evans (Intertek)
Technologies of Immunogenicity: An ADA case study
15:35 15:55 Sijranke Post (PRA Health Sciences)
The challenges in validating a 6-color T-, B- and NK-cell flow cytometry assay in human whole blood using multiple blood collections tubes as well as manual and automatic sample processing.
15:55 16:15 Adeline Besson (Novimmune SA)
Development and validation of a novel biomarker assay to support the development of a biologic
16:15 16:35 Godknows Hlatshwayo (LGC)
Case Study: Immunoassay Development for a gene therapy drug
16:35 16:55 Sara Capiau (University of Ghent)
Development and validation of an ICP-MS method to quantitatively determine cobalt in volumetric absorptive microsampling (VAMS) devices for the follow-up of metal-on-metal prosthesis patients.
16:55 17:00 2016 Best Presenter prize and Wrap-up
17:00  17:00 Adjourn