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16th EBF Open Symposium

One year into ICH M10 - Keeping our finger on the pulse
14 November 2023 (Workshop independent from 16th OS)
Science Winning the Race
15-17 November 2023

3rd EBF YSS (Young Scientist Symposium)

In Unity Lies Power;  Building a Better Bioanalytical World Together” 

15 November 2016 – Hesperia Tower, Barcelona, Spain



For our third YSS, we will build our bioanalytical world around the theme of  Working together to win in the bioanalytical world, focusing on practical cases and new technologies. We are pleased to be supported by the International Association of Therapeutic Drug Monitoring and Clinical Toxicology (IATDMCT)

You are invited to submit your abstract or poster presentation reflecting your research, experiences and interests.

The final program will be built around your submissions:

We look forward to stimulating and engaging discussions in the following proposed sessions

  1. Overcoming bioanalytical mysteries.
  • We would like to discuss unexpected problems, unsolved mysteries…
  1. Transforming bioanalysis through innovation.
  • For example; E-environment, automation, new technologies…
  1. What happens in the lab shouldn’t stay in the lab: How to stand out from the crowd.
  • The goal is to improve young scientist’s visibility: e.g. successful publications, opportunities for young people, education and training of young scientists…
  1. Together we succeed!
  • In this session we hope to discuss how we can progress and overcome hurdles by working together… e.g. outsourcing issues, collaboration between CRO-academia-industry…
  1. Ask The Expert; Ask each other; We are the experts.
  • Looking for case studies to initiate a healthy dialogue…


The symposium is open for early career bioanalytical scientists (our target audience is typically < 35 or <5 years in bioanalysis) from industry (Pharma/CROs) or academia


Submit an abstract and/or Register for the meeting

  • Oral presentations: Call for speakers closed on July 8th , 2016.
  • Posters: Submit abstract before 14 October 2016. For details: Click here


Register for the meeting

  • Participation in the meeting is 150 €. For more details: Click here
  • For info on venue and hotel reservation: Click here


Note: YSS registered delegates can register at a reduced fee for the 9th Open Symposium

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Meeting Organisation: Aline Swinnen (Janssen R&D), Jonathan Paraskos (AstraZeneca), Sheelan Ahmad (GlaxoSmithKline) and Sufyan Maqbool (MedImmune)  

Academic collaborators: Laura Mercolini (University of Bologna), Sara Capiau (University of Ghent)


The YSS is organized as a non-profit event on behalf of the EBF vzw. The organization is independent of all EBF member companies.