EBF Open Symposium
EBF Barcelona

16th EBF Open Symposium

Winning the Race
15-17 November 2023

Conference themes 

For our anniversary 10th symposium, we plan for increased connectivity by making more time available for interactive workshops and increased time for discussions during the plenary presentations.

We identified 5 themes for plenary presentations and 5 themes for interactive workshops for which we have reserved ½ day on day 2.

  1. Our Daily Challenges:
    • Globalization of BA – any challenges along the road?
    • Learning from mistakes – your worst BA nightmare shared in Barcelona
    • Efficient assay transfer – a smooth journey?
    • What if ISR really fails?
  2. Regulations:
    • Feedback from industry experience during filings – what questions did you get, how did you overcome challenges?
    • How do we manage new technologies or assay formats in a regulated environment?
    • New guidelines impacting the BA landscape dissected to agree on a common approach (e.g. OECD-17, GLP, Data integrity…)
  3. New Technologies Embraced versus Established Technologies Refined
    • Novel solutions for daily challenges: game changers on the horizon?
    • Bedside monitoring – a new hype or here to stay?
    • How quantitative are imaging data? Can we validate them? Should we?
    • Can the latest developments in Ligand Binding, Chromatography and Hybrid Assays be applied routinely?
  4. The Challenges from 2016 Continue….
    • Biomarkers:
    • Use and Validation of ‘quasi-quantitative’ assays (LBA, enzyme-activity, receptor occupancy, FACS)
    • The weak boundary between exploratory and confirmatory biomarker
    • Immunogenicity – best practices and continued challenges
    • Scientific Validation – implementation in a global setting
  5. How can we do More with Less?
    • Honey, they shrunk the budget!
    • Single analysis in LBA – why aren’t we doing it?
    • Analyzing placebos, taking duplicate samples – why do we keep on doing it?

Five themes for the Interactive WorkshopsWorkshops related to (1) the E-environment, (2) technology development, (3) specialized sampling or separation developments, (4) specialized LBA and (5) practical challenges with regulations


Abstracts should reach us before May 31st, 2017.
For detailed instructions, click on Call for speakers and fill out the submission form.


Abstracts should reach us before September 15th, 2017.
For detailed instructions, click on Call for posters and fill out the submission form.