EBF Open Symposium
EBF Barcelona

N° 13 from Cyberspace – Staying Connected

Meeting will be organised in Cyberspace
(see also Covid-19 note in tab General/Covid-19)
17-20 November 2020

Call for Abstracts

We have revisited the original call for speakers (14th OS) towards a fit for a meeting in Cyberspace. For some of the original session themes, we continue to invite you to submit your abstracts. These include:

  1. Immunogenicity: strategies for non-mAb scaffolds and Immunogenicity applied in the new regulatory landscape (building experience)
  2. Enhanced usage of high sensitivity LBA technologies: demonstrate experience in using existing high sensitivity LBA platforms for robust PK assays
  3. Enhanced usage and recent developments in chromatographic separations (LC-MS and beyond)
  4. Hybrid assays applications, including bioanalysis of polypeptides
  5. Applications of biomarker assays: success and failure

You can submit your abstract(s) for a “e-podium” presentation(s) before August 15th, 2020 , using this form.

Other sessions/workshops will still be included. However, for planning reasons, below themes are not part of the call for speakers. For these, and considering your expertise, we may contact you (your organisation) requesting to submit a contribution. Additionally, you can reach out to us (simple mail to open@e-b-f.eu – not an abstract) to inquire about our plans. These sessions currently include:

  1. Covid-19: challenges, experiences and impact on the BA lab
  2. Regulations: updates on emerging and new guidelines, incl. sharing of audit/inspection experience
  3. ICH M10 update
  4. Hybrid Assays: strategies and regulations
  5. GCP, a continued challenge
  6. Method development/assay transfer: focus on science, regulations and sponsor-vendor communications
  7. Biosimilars: focus on PK & ADA validation strategies for Biosimilars
  8. e-Environment: updates on progress since 2019-OS
  9. Biomarkers: how to manage the regulatory challenges

Other themes may be added as we move forward.

Scientific Posters

The possibilities of a virtual poster room is being investigated. At this stage we cannot guarantee there will be poster opportunity in 2020.

A call for posters will be issued if this will become part of the meeting.