EBF Open Symposium
EBF Barcelona

15th EBF Open Symposium

Towards harmonised implementation of the ICH M10 Guideline
15 November 2022
The Bioanalytical Compass - Navigating to our True North
16-18 November 2022


CALL FOR ABSTRACTS for a podium presentation or a poster

Taking into account many of your suggestions, we have landed on a very ambitious call for abstracts in support of a meeting which will be build around plenary sessions, breakout sessions and workshops.

We have identified 17+1 themes for which you can submit an abstract. The themes include many scientific, technological and regulatory aspects of small and large molecule bioanalysis and stakeholder engagement of interest to our community. An overview of those themes with details downloaded here.

And… as in other years, we will include feedback on (ongoing) EBF discussion, recommendations  and upcoming publications in a number of the sessions. This includes, but is not limited to Biomarkers, GxP/DI, Nabs, qPCR or Hybrid assays

To submit your abstract for a podium presentation, use this form and send to open@e-b-f.eu before 20 August 2022.

The first outline of the agenda will be communicated on 08 September 2022

To submit your abstract for a poster, use this form and send to open@e-b-f.eu before 01 October 2022. Details on he poster requirements can be found in the form