EBF Open Symposium
EBF Barcelona

15th EBF Open Symposium

Towards harmonised implementation of the ICH M10 Guideline
15 November 2022
The Bioanalytical Compass - Navigating to our True North
16-18 November 2022


In line with prior announcements, the registration for both events is closed as we are reaching the pre-defined maximum capacity of our meeting to safeguard value added interactions and discussions.

Grace period: From 17OCT until 24OCT, and in order to maximise our connectivity, the few remaining seats will be reserved for organisations not yet represented at our meeting (criterium = “no or only one delegate registered for the meeting”).

You can only make the reservation request via mail to admin@e-b-f.eu before 24OCT2022.

Both meetings need separate registration.
Make sure you use the correct link
There no possibility for a combo registration, nor reduced fee in case you register for both meetings

To register for the ICH M10 meeting on 15 November:
Registration fee for the ICH M10 meeting = € 395 for industry and academia. Vouchers (i.e. accepted presenters or sponsor vouchers for the 15th OS, presenters or panelist of the ICH M10 meeting) are not valid for this meeting. Registration is non-transferable from 10 November onwards.
To register for the ICH M10 meeting:  use this link

To register for the 15th OS = 16-18 November :
The registration fee for the 15th OS is € 765 (€ 420 for academia). No day-passes will be available. The registration for the OS does not include access to the ICH M10 meeting of 15 November. Registration is non-transferable from 12 November onwards.

  • To register as industry delegate: use this link
  • To register as delegated from academia (student, researcher): use this link

If you have a sponsor voucher: contact admin@e-b-f.eu or sponsors@e-b-f.eu  but do not register via above links

Web-registration closes on 06 November 2022 or when our meeting cap of 500 delegates is reached.
On-site registration is only possible if we have not closed web-registration on or before 06 November 2022 (the fee for on-site registration will be € 900) and needs to be pre-announced to admin@e-b-f.eu to get approved.

Cancellation policy: 
If, due to EU or Spain imposed (Covid-19 or other) travel restrictions, it will be impossible to organise a face-to-face meeting on 16-18 November 2022, the meetings will be reformated into an online meetings on the same dates. In this case, and unless you want to cancel your registration, your registration will be automatically transfered to that meeting. The registration fee will drop to € 245 (ICH M10) and € 495  (€ 300 for Academia) (15th OS) respectively, and the EBF will automatically refund the difference.
In all other cases, cancellation needs to be done 14 days before the meeting start date.
Payment of the full conference fees will be required if cancelled after that date or on “no-show”.