EBF Open Symposium
EBF Barcelona

14th EBF Open Symposium

Science – Our Universal Language
24-26 November 2021
Hyatt Regency Barcelona Tower – Barcelona - Spain

EBF 14th Open Symposium

As in other years, the meeting agenda will be build combining EBF contributions, invited experts or via submissions sent to us as part of the call for speakers.
You can find the call for abstract here.


Themes for the 14th Open Symposium

Our agenda is very ambitious and sets the stage for the new era. You can submit an abstract for podium presentations/workshop with focus on below categories (including suggested sub-themes):

  • NCEs (chromatography focus): focus on scientific and regulatory challenges and best state of the art practices for
    • metabolite quantification
    • non-liquid matrix analysis
    • new tools surrounding Chromatography: Blue Sky – new technologies at our doorstep
  • NBE (LBA/CBA based): focus on scientific and regulatory challenges and best state of the art practices for
    • critical reagents,
    • immunocapture-LC/MS (hybrid) assays
    • PK interpretation of NBEs (total/Free..)
    • Bio-metabolism of Biotherapeutics
  • C&GT and new modalities: are we ready to support the next generation Pharma R&D challenges?
  • Immunogenicity: focus on what’s new/different and making sense for biologics, C&GT, new modalities and peptides
  • Biomarker Science: includes a spotlight on non-liquid matrices analysis for Biomarkers
  • Biosimilars: scientific and regulatory challenges for the BioA community
  • Regulations: risk based approach, GCP, data integrity, post Covid-19 inspection readiness (remote inspections), ICH M10 and new emerging guidelines as required
  • The Future of Bioanalysis: focus on the role of BioA
  • The Patient: focus on role of BA in patient centric technologies, diagnostics and TDM
  • Technology (Chromatography & LBA/CBA):
    • focus on automation/robotics after Covid-19,
    • new tools for increasing throughput, sensitivity and DI compliance (e-environment) for (LC-)MS and LBA/CBA