EBF Open Symposium
EBF Barcelona

15th EBF Open Symposium

Towards harmonised implementation of the ICH M10 Guideline
15 November 2022
The Bioanalytical Compass - Navigating to our True North
16-18 November 2022

OS Agenda


Exactly 500 years ago, on September 8th 1522, the surviving crew of the Nao Victoria reached the harbour of Seville after completing the first successful circumnavigation of the globe, started by Magellan 3 years earlier. Three years into Covid-19, a good moment to remind us of the importance of the global reach of bioanalysis. Continuing our EBF tradition on choosing travel themes as branding for our meetings, we want to continue our journey at the 15th EBF Open Symposium and navigate to Our True North.

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The first version of the agenda will reach our website on September 8th 2022. So, a few more months patience… But anticipate a meeting agenda building on the 18 themes from the call for abstracts, assigned to plenary sessions, breakout sessions or workshops. An overview of those themes with details can be downloaded here.


Except for an update on the progress and timing of the ICH M10, we will not be planning detailed discussions on ICH M10 at the 15th EBF Open Symposium. We want to remind our community that, to date, the ICH M10 guideline is still in draft. The EBF considers discussion of the content aiming at implementation of a guideline which is still in draft to be counterproductive and not serving our community. Once the final version becomes available to the public, the EBF will host (a) dedicated meeting(s), live or in Cyberspace, in support of harmonised and diligent implementation of the final ICH M10 guideline, in line with ICH timelines, processes and involving a broad team of experts.

Meeting Organisation

Cecilia Arfvidsson (AstraZeneca), Matthew Barfield (F. Hoffmann – La Roche), Kyra Cowan (Merck KGaA), Michaela Golob (Nuvisan), Jo Goodman (AstraZeneca), Tobias Haslberger (Abbvie), Tsvetelina Ivanova (Comac-Medical), Anna Laurén (NovoNordisk), Robert Nelson (Labcorp), Johannes Stanta (Freeline Therapeutics), Steve White (GlaxoSmithKline) and Philip Timmerman (EBF)


Taking into consideration the submitted abstracts and ongoing team discussions in the EBF community, the organising committee was able to build an exciting agenda touching on many of the challenges and opportunities our industry is facing today. Also, we include 4 Workshops on day 2, which will be prepared by pre-meeting surveys/questionnaires to the registered delegates to allow all to come prepared.

The current agenda will be refined in the upcoming weeks, as we identify additional presenters and presentations for the few remaining free slots

You can download a PDF of the current version of the agenda here

A helicopter view of the agenda is displayed below: