EBF Open Symposium
EBF Barcelona

16th EBF Open Symposium

One year into ICH M10 - Keeping our finger on the pulse
14 November 2023 (Workshop independent from 16th OS)
Science Winning the Race
15-17 November 2023


Taking into consideration your suggestions from a recent Call for Abstract, we are excited to share the first version of the agenda (PDF):

Some background on this year’s theme:
In good tradition to connect the theme of our meetings to commemorate an important anniversary of a feat which made a small dent in our universe and which at the same time can inspire us, we invite you to travel with us back in time to Le Mans in 1923. Although you wonder how we can get inspired by motor sport, there are many analogies of the early years of endurance racing and (regulated) bioanalysis today: both build on a cocktail of progress of science, cutting edge technology put to the test of performance and endurance, teamwork and diligent communication, and adhering to rules and regulations to win the race.
So, it didn’t take us long to choose the theme for 2023: Science Winning the Race