EBF Open Symposium
EBF Barcelona

14th EBF Open Symposium

Science – Our Universal Language
24-26 November 2021 (Live at Hyatt Regency Barcelona Tower – Barcelona – Spain)
01-03 December 2021 (limited Cyberconnect event)

Changes to pre-Covid planning

  • 14th Open Symposium: This will be planned as a face to face event. We are planning to meet in person by November. We remain cautious not to plan for ‘business as usual’.  Therefore, we plan for a meeting with a smaller footprint and, we will be reducing the maximum capacity of the meeting from 600 to 400 delegates. To allow a maximum of companies to participate, we will limit the number of delegates to 10 per organisation (vouchered and presenters excluded).
  • Although ‘Covid-safe’ travel is becoming a reality with vaccination and EU Digital Covid Certification (https://ec.europa.eu/info/live-work-travel-eu/coronavirus-response/safe-covid-19-vaccines-europeans/eu-digital-covid-certificate_en), we are aware that some of you may not be permitted/willing to travel for country, company or personal limitations To allow you to stay connected to the EBF and our yearly open symposium, we plan an additional online event the week after the symposium (1-3 December 2021) favouring NA, Europe and Asia time zones. More info will be communicated via mailings or here

Covid-19 statement

  • The EBF will only allow FULLY VACCINATED delegates to the meeting. Fully vaccinated = when picking up your badge at the registration desk, ready to show (paper or digital) proof of being fully vaccinated with an EMA authorised vaccine included in the EU Digital Covid Certification (or equivalent, i.e. NHS COVID Pass, paper proof for outside-EU delegates). Failure to comply will result in not being admitted to the meeting area (scientific area, coffee break and sponsor booths) and will be managed as ‘cancelled after 10 November’. Only having a recent negative PCR test or post infection recovery (< 6 mo), which would be OK to enter Spain, will not be enough to enter the meeting.
  • The hotel staff working with us will also be fully vaccinated, and in addition will need to have a recent negative antigen test to be allowed to work with us during the days of the meeting.
  • If traveling within EU (and Switzerland), you can enter Spain or return home carrying the EU Digital Covid Certificate (see note) – For those requiring more, i.e. PCR testing to fly back home as per requirements of your country, this PCR testing capacity will be provided at the hotel (at your cost) and securing test result reporting to facilitate a Friday afternoon/Saturday return window. If you need another timing, this test should be organised at your own pace and cost. If you need this PCR/antigen test to fly home, it may be recommended to also test before your leave for Spain in order to minimise the risk of testing positive for your return.
  • Note:
  • Updates on traveling to Spain via air/sea port will be updated/confirmed as we move closer to the meeting. Be already informed that, as per current rules likely to be in place in November, you need to fill out a web-form to get a Spain Travel Health QR code ( https://www.spth.gob.es) which is a Spain-specific tool to check if you are indeed compliant with the EU-Digital Covid Certificate requirements. This is a simple task not taking more than 5 minutes but needs to be done max. 48h before entry. Check it out in time.
  • Different EU countries may require specific forms to be filled out as per regional requirement (type ‘passenger location form’). Individual citizens of EU countries should familiarise themselves with those requirements.

As we move forward, we will implement and adhere to all required safety measure requested by (local) authorities or the hotel management and will communicate these to all as needed.