EBF Open Symposium
EBF Barcelona

15th EBF Open Symposium

The Bioanalytical Compass - Navigating to our True North
16-18 November 2022
Hyatt Regency Tower (Barcelona)

Covid-19 statement

The 15th Open Symposium will be planned as a face-to-face/in person event in Barcelona, complying with all Covid-19 restrictions applicable in the EU and Spain in November 2022.

As for 2021, the EBF may add additional restrictions to secure a safe meeting, e.g. mandatory vaccination. Not having a crystal ball, we do not know what the restrictions will looks like today. If needed, we will adapt our planning using our experience from 2020/2021. Although not anticipated, this may include moving (partially) into cyberspace. Changing the meeting from face to face to fully into cyberspace will change the meeting from a sponsored to a non-sponsored meeting and refund the sponsors (more detail in tab ”SPONSORS”. We will also reduce the registration fee.

However, the in person 15th Symposium in Barcelona will never by re-planned into a HYBRID event (= mixing face to face presentations with on line contributions. Any added/replacing cybermeeting will be stand-alone event cfr 2021.