EBF Open Symposium
EBF Barcelona

16th EBF Open Symposium

One year into ICH M10 - Keeping our finger on the pulse
14 November 2023 (Workshop independent from 16th OS)
Science Winning the Race
15-17 November 2023

A call for abstract is available. You can submit an abstract until 05 JUNE 2019 (10 OCTOBER 2019 for posters) using following forms:

  • Deadline for abstract for a podium presentation was 05JUN2019
  • Deadline for abstract for a workshop presentation was 05JUN2019
  • Submit an abstract for a poster: link to form

Details call for Abstracts

For our 12th symposium, we invite you to Imagine A New Bioanalytical Earthrise. Like the daring astronauts from the Sixties could only start to imagine the impact of their journey on today’s society, we humbly want to follow in their footsteps and live this dream for Bioanalysis. This year we leave the imagination to you and invite you to submit an abstract in one of the ‘4-Is’

And, just like in 2018, we again plan to include 5 parallel workshops in the afternoon of day-2.


You can submit an abstract for Podium Presentations/Workshop in the 4 categories below:


  • Continuous patient monitoring paradigms – the challenge from a bioanalytical perspective
  • New technology platforms/methods – repurposing established technologies: understanding the challenges and assessing their true scientific value
  • Microsampling: incl. new sampling approaches for paediatric studies, – @home/near patient sampling & measurement
  • The full potential of immunocapture- LC-MS(/MS) technologies and/or HRMS
  • Chromatographic solutions for immunogenicity testing


  • Lab of the future – miniaturisation, automation, digitalisation, Artificial Intelligence…
  • New technologies into practice and their use in regulatory environment
  • Reading regulations right – from “tick box” to “brain power”
  • Collaborations – getting it right, incl. Pharma/CRO, Bioanalysis lab/Stakeholders


  • Regulatory environment:
    • Emerging trends and feedback from recent inspections
    • Progress on new or emerging Guidelines, incl. ICH M10, Immunogenicity or Biomarkers (BM)
    • Scientific validation – case studies showing scientific rigor & efficiency in early development studies and BM assays
  • Using the bioanalytical data – the bigger picture, including data from exploratory and/or decision making BM


  • Value and limitations of immunocapture- LC-MS(/MS) and/or HRMS when applied in regulated bioanalysis
  • FDA BMV guideline – 1 year of practical implementation (including decision making BM)
  • The e-environment: ELN, LIMS, CSV, Data integrity programs – lessons learned/remaining challenges
  • Bioanalytical support for Cell Gene Therapies: from challenges into practice (continue from 2018)
  • Robotics/Automation – can we go further?
  • New technology in the regulatory space – case studies
  • (If released – Implementing the FDA Immunogenicity Guidance)